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Делемер, Жан (DELEMER, Jean)


Жан Делемер - фламандский скульптор. Работал в середине 15 века (примерно 1428-1459 гг.) в Турне и Брюсселе.

He was paid in 1428 for carving a life-size stone Annunciation group, painted by ROBERT CAMPIN for St Pierre, Tournai (Tournai, Mus. B.-A., on dep. from Ste Marie-Madeleine; heads and colour restored). This group is the earliest example of the Late Gothic style that was to dominate the sculpture of the Netherlands and most of Europe for the following century. The dramatization of the theme in terms of organic movement and abrupt discontinuity of angular drapery rhythms has a direct parallel in contemporary paintings. No other works by the sculptor have survived in Tournai, but a number of later Tournaisian sculptures appear to reflect lost works by Delemer. Among these are several wood sculptures, including a Trinity group (c. 1430-1435; Lille, Mus. Dioc. A. Relig.), a St. Michael in the church of Ellezelles (Hainaut) and a brass statuette of St. Catherine on the lectern of Saint-Ghislain (Brussels, Mus. Royaux A. & Hist.) cast by the founder Guillaume Lefvre in 1446.

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